About Us

Forest Fragrance infuses 20 years of skilful knowledge in capturing captivating scents of deep woody forests and bringing them into the sanctuary of your home.


Founder M Ahmed in 2002, rolled out the first incense sticks at our factory in Bangalore, with a simple wish to bring people closer to the mystic fragrances that fills the heart with devotional joy.


Carefully hand-rolled by experienced hands, our brand of incense sticks blends the exotic aroma of the wilderness, translating the divine experience savoured by sages and saints through a harmonious medley of burning bamboo mixed with exotic floral and earthy fragrances.

At Forest Fragrance, we try to deliver authentic hand crafted Indian Incense (agarbathi) internationally, in a selection of fragrances which blends with every tradition and culture. With this we aspire to unfold the message of affection and concord, and this remains our promise. 


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